Professional Rescue Solutions

P.R.S provides professional, immediate and comprehensive rescue solutions, at all types of disasters, anytime, anywhere

Rescue On Demand

When a disaster occurs, the obvious top priority is saving people's lives. The rescue teams are focused on this task and oriented to save as many lives as possible. Material possessions, merchandize, equipment and even intellectual property including data and confidential documentation are viewed as secondary, collateral damage.

Disaster Management

Disaster zones can easily become chaotic and even further destructive, in case the rescue operation is not managed properly. Once a disaster occurs the initial days are crucial, and a successful rescue operation depends on an efficient well-trained logistic strategy.

Training & Consulting

PRS provides consultation services in a variety of scales and levels, from states to corporations and private facilities aspiring to become prepared for inevitable future disasters. The consult will produce a particular DOS (Disaster Operation System) for each case, and design a comprehensive and detailed process based on a proven methodology, required for establishing it.

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